About Genserve


Genserve has played a pioneering role in the launch, development and growth of both Visa and MasterCard's commercial payments businesses. Genserve opened its doors in 1995 in Pasadena, California to provide technical support for Visa USA's first commercial payments reporting system, InfoSpan. We:

  • Trained marketing personnel at issuing banks on InfoSpan's database capabilities including the receipt, loading, and reporting of transactional data.
  • Delivered solutions to issuers' key clients implementing purchasing card programs including the use of technology to track, report and analyze card usage.
  • Contracted directly with the largest Visa issuing banks to provide data assurance, warehousing, technical support, and transaction/file delivery for their entire portfolio of commercial card users.

The result was that these banks attained more than 90% of the commercial card market at that time.

In the 1990's, we were instrumental in helping both brands implement GSA Smart Pay 1 - a federal government program that provided charge cards to U.S. government agencies through master contracts it negotiated with major national banks. The banks issued cards to agencies including purchase, travel, fleet and integrated products so they could pay suppliers in a cost-effective manner.

  • In 1999, Genserve expanded its GSA related services to include providing bridge processing (receiving, processing, reporting upon, and distribution of transactional data) as a service bureau for 900,000+ cards issued to the Department of Defense.
  • In 2000, Genserve was contracted by MasterCard to be their data consolidator for extended travel data focused on the GSA Travel Card program.

In 2002, MasterCard selected Genserve to globalize their travel content program to support the procurement needs of large multi-national corporations and card issuing banks. Genserve was instrumental to the launch of their lodged card product suite and expansion into the German business travel market. Genserve currently works with:

  • Dozens of travel suppliers worldwide.
  • All Global Distribution Systems.
  • The world's leading travel management companies.

Since 2000, Genserve has also expanded its customer portfolio to include a number of Fortune 500 companies in the energy services, chemical and automotive industries. We are very proud of our ability to offer value-added services ranging from customized applications development, to data consolidation, transformation and systems migration programs, through merger and acquisition technology due diligence support.

Management Team

William Taylor is the President of Genserve.   Mr. Taylor's background includes over thirty years of management and systems consulting that enabled corporations to realize more profitability from their investment in automated systems. He formed Genserve in 1995 to provide mission critical services to the card brands and issuers as their commercial card programs expanded globally. From 1981 until the formation of Genserve, Mr. Taylor managed his own consulting firm. Mr. Taylor has served as a business consultant to Fortune 100 companies and large public agencies.

William Roberts is Genserve's Chief Technology Officer.   He combines extensive experience in large, multi-platform environments with applications knowledge across all business functions. Repeatedly, he has spearheaded rapid application development projects that have delivered on time, on budget solutions that matched, or exceeded, client expectations. His experience began in large corporations such as Teledyne, Litton Industries, and Bekins; all large IBM mainframe environments. He transitioned to Client Server and PC LANs. This provided him the breadth of working knowledge to develop effective solutions that address the complexities of unique systems integration projects.

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