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February, 2012-Genserve expands its services within the energy sector.

Genserve continues its collaboration to architect and to integrate innovative solutions in the complex and large scale ERP systems within the energy sector. Developed the business use cases and requirements for targeted enchancements to SAP's ERP system through workshops that resolved diverse processes within business units. Architected technical solutions that also had to bridge functional gaps within the standard, automated solutions. Successful project management require the effective coordination and collaboration with executhive stakeholders, multiple levels of operational and corporate management, internal IT resources, and other 3rd party consultants, both on-shore and off-shore.

June, 2011-Genserve collaborates with premier SAP integrator to architect delivery of a solution in complex, large scale ERP environments.

Genserve continues its collaboration to architect and to integrate innovative solutions in complex and large scale ERP systems within energy companies. Selected to manage a multi-disciplinary team of functional and technical specialists that integrated disparate operational processes into a single, standardized process that leveraged the full capability of the SAP solution. Challenges included operational consensus for process changes requiring substantial client management across numerous business units. Process changes also required collaboration with client resources to structure, develop, and deliver effective change management. Quickly developed and implemented a prototype of an automated solution, using client specific business requirements, as a proof of concept and as a testing platform to confirm the economic feasibility of the SAP solution. Substantial gaps were identified that required significant additonal development. Project required close, on-going support and collaboration with SAP, operating units, corporate functions, and numerous internal IT resources.

January, 2011-Genserve selected to develop business requirements of the initial global release of an enhancement to SAP's ERP.

Genserve has been selected to partner with a major Fortune 500 energy company to develop the business requirements for the initial global release of a major enhancement to SAP's Fixed Asset (FA) module. Responsible for managing the business use case development from concept to product specifications for a major enhancement to the client's SAP ERP system that will provide multi-millions in financial benefits, conform to all regulatory statutes, and improve the granularity and auditability of data for rate cases. Required close coordination amongst executive stakeholders, operating departments within its regulated business units, and multiple corporate functional groups.

August, 2010-Genserve's monthly processing volumes exceed all historical benchmarks; growth curve continues.

Genserve is pleased to announce that it processed more than 1.2 million payment transactions for each and every month in the calendar year 2010. While historically there have been months when processing volumes exceeded 1 million, 2010 represents a year when each month exceeded all previous volumes. Our corporate goal of providing perfect data on time, every day, has enabled our business partners to pursue and capture increasing market share year after year. Volumes continue to accelerate. This collective accomplishment for merchants, processors, and brands reflect a long term commitment to working closely with our clients to provide robust technology solutions, reliable customer service, and cost effective end-to-end transaction delivery. "Genserve is pleased to reach these milestones" said William Taylor, President of Genserve. "They reflect our commitment to working with our clients to help them expand their business while providing cost-effective, timely solutions meeting their core transaction processing and data integration needs. Clients cannot afford to have any process within core financial data be anything other than the highest possible quality - a standard we uphold every single day." Genserve is a leading provider of data transformation, cosolidation and information migration services. Specializing in financial services, energy and the travel industries.

May, 2010-Genserve presented to VISA its solution for supporting the consolidation of extended travel data necessary for a global release of its commercial card program..

Genserve presented to VISA at its Foster City headquarters, a solution necessary to support the consolidation of extended travel data for the global release of its commercial card program. This was the culmination of extenseive development that focused on bridging the gap in VISA's service delivery model. Genserve competed agains much larger firms, each with a global presense. Genserve specializes in Rapid Application Development of scalable solutions using cost effective processing techniques and platforms.

Genserve facilitates integration of B2B value-added processes to a wide viariety of mission critical systems.

Genserve is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, USA. Please visit the company's website at

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