Our Services

Data Consolidation

Genserve specializes in the receipt, processing and delivery of transactional data. We:

  • Cleanse and normalize data received in a wide variety of formats and even quality.
  • Ensure information is delivered so that these differences are invisible.
  • Leverage our technology and experience to enrich source data, including matching, using sophisticated algorithms that can be customized for a client's unique needs.
  • Deliver content that meets or better yet, exceeds expectations at all times.

That’s our promise! By bringing our real life industry experience to projects, we are able to minimize up-front project costs and avoid expensive re-work. We view our clients not only as customers but also partners. Their success drives our success.

To deliver on our promise, we deliver the following services:

  • Business Analysis and Requirements Definition. Using an iterative process, Genserve is able to rapidly identify requirements, and turn these into detailed specifications. We create detailed project plans and other documents to make sure that all projects are delivered on time and at budget. We strive to avoid rework by identifying all client requirements up-front.
  • Enabling Technology Genserve supports numerous secure communications protocols including FTP, PGP encryption, SSL and VPNs. Genserve uses industry standard as well as proprietary ETL (data Extraction, Transformation and Load) tools so we can readily receive and output files in a variety of formats including standard text and delimited files, as well as XML. We are prepared to handle simple to complex data consolidation projects.
  • Data Quality Audits, Metrics, and Ad Hoc Analysis. Genserve uses a variety of database technologies to ensure the quality of data we receive and deliver. Genserve can develop hard and soft edits, along with web-based exception reporting tools to ensure that client parameters are met. Genserve can even return files and transactions themselves if data quality conditions are unsatisfactory.
  • Globalized Transaction Processing. Genserve operates its service bureau on a 7 X 24 X 365 basis. Genserve’s systems are designed to meet the changing needs of our clients. We can quickly modify production schedules with minimal advanced notice and cost. Our capabilities, technology, and agility make us a logical choice to be your data consolidator.
  • Front-line Customer Support. Genserve ensures that all files are received consistent with service level agreements established by all parties in the transaction flow. We have active monitoring systems, notification tools and personnel in-place to ensure schedules and processes meet established schedules. We maintain secure websites for our clients so that they may monitor program performance along with our support staff.

Data Integration

Genserve offers its clients the skills and resources necessary to both consolidate data and more thoroughly, integrate it into their business applications. By acting as both a data consolidator and a migration specialist, we can provide a one stop solution to core technology integration projects. Genserve provides services ranging from development and testing work, process analysis, and vendor selection. We offer the following core services:

  • Enterprise Application Interfaces. We provide the expertise and technical resources needed to connect disparate information systems. We have a long history of consulting with business and technical personnel to ensure that re-engineered systems or processes are implemented in a timely, cost-effective manner. Unlike large consulting organizations, Genserve brings know how from years of team experience working on complex systems for both large companies and public sector organizations.
  • Fast Track Business Process Improvement. We consult organizations on how best to implement technology solutions that improve their infrastructure with a specific focus on file delivery and content integration. We help evaluate alternative approaches to new technology products and help companies choose the solutions that best meet their needs. We will even help develop marketing materials to educate a company’s personnel on chosen technology solutions.
  • Technology Integration Solutions for Mergers and Acquisitions. Our participation in M&A efforts have included the structuring of “clean teams” that by legal agreement, are able to gather traditionally sensitive information (for example, customer lists, credit information, etc.) about business units being acquired but hold the information in escrow until an acquisition is consummated. From our experience leading clean team projects, we can ensure that immediately after the completion of an acquisition, no time is lost determining what had been purchased and how to keep core technology business fully operational.

Reporting Services

Genserve offers it customers tools including dashboards, transaction reporting metrics, and performance monitors that can be fully integrated into their core processing systems or delivered on a standalone basis. For customers interested in a fully integrated data consolidation and integration services, we design and develop applications including file delivery monitors, transaction delivery reporting metrics, service level compliance tools, and data enrichment performance applications. Please contact us if you would like a demonstration of our transaction reporting and data quality metrics tool.


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